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Truckker helps AZ drivers from all over Ontario connect with companies who need professional drivers. We’re an employment agency dedicated to both helping truck drivers find high-paying jobs quickly and easily while also assisting trucking companies to fill the positions they need, whether for long-term assignments, short contracts or anything in between. 
Through a simple and free-to-use platform, Truckker saves AZ drivers the hassle of scrolling through pages of job ads to find the right match. Once you register with Truckker, all you have to do is select your preferred job type, location and availability, and Truckker will send you a job alert when a related position becomes available.


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Finding Jobs for AZ Drivers

For the companies in locations such as Toronto and Mississauga, qualified, reliable AZ drivers fill a critical business need. Without them, businesses would not be able to reach their clients across Canada, which is why they are willing to pay highly competitive wages for AZ drivers.  

At Truckker, we simplify the job search for AZ drivers. Once you create your account and complete your profile, you will begin receiving job alerts from employers in your area. Finding AZ driver jobs has never been this fast or easy!

Licensing for Commercial Truck Drivers in Ontario

In Ontario, commercial driving licenses fall into different categories, based on vehicle and trailer weight, among other considerations. 

An AZ driver license is one of the most comprehensive driving certifications because it allows licensees to drive trucks and/or tractor-trailers, or any combination of a truck and towed vehicle, with air brakes, where the towed vehicle(s) weigh more than 4,600 kg (10,000 lbs). AZ drivers are also qualified to drive any vehicle classified under lower designations, such as Class G, Class D, and restricted Class A trucks.
With ample safety training and a thorough understanding of the logistics that companies have to manage, AZ drivers are absolutely essential to the safe and timely shipment of goods throughout Ontario. Connect with us today and find the drivers you need to get the job done!

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35+ years experience in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries means access to a network of quality carriers and experienced drivers. We work with companies and customers all across Canada.

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An easy application process and automated “smart” driver matching means carriers can connect with the truck drivers they need, and it’s all done in real-time, with direct communication.