Code of Conduct

Truckker is committed to providing the best user experience for both Carriers and Drivers. This code of conduct is based upon industry standard best practices to ensure successful job implementation and to uphold trust, respect and fair play on our Platform. Any user in breach of this code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

User Behaviour

  1. I will comply with the Truckker Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  2. I will conduct myself ethically and with integrity.
  3. I will agree to only do work I am capable of providing.
  4. I will use the Platform for transportation industry work only.
  5. I will register as a Driver only if I am qualified to do so.
  6. I will register as a Carrier only if I am qualified to do so.
  7. I will treat all users with respect.
  8. I will not harass, bully, or discriminate other Users.
  9. I will not falsify any information I provide.
  10. I will not engage in illegal activity.

User Content

  1. I am responsible for all content posted.
  2. I will only post content that is appropriate for the Platform.
  3. I will not post content that is illegal, obscene, or pornographic.
  4. I will not post content that is harmful to any user or the Truckker Platform, such as viruses or malware.
  5. I will not post content that is harmful to the reputation of Truckker.

User Confidentiality

  • I will not disclose or freely distribute any information (or documents attached to Work Orders) obtained while using the Platform, such as customer details.

Work Performance

  • As a Driver:
  1. I will complete all work as prescribed in the work order created.
  2. I will operate all vehicles and machinery safely.
  3. I will follow all “rules of the road” and abide to any and all traffic laws made by federal, provincial and municipal governments.
  4. I will follow direction as instructed by my employer to the best of my abilities.
  5. I will be presentable at all times during the job.
  6. I will be punctual and respectful onsite at all times.
  7. I will work efficiently and diligently on all work-related tasks.
  8. I will keep all vehicles in good working condition and notify my employer if maintenance is required.
  9. I will submit accurate timesheets on-time.
  10. I will not operate any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • As a Carrier:
  1. I will provide drivers all necessary documentation on work related tasks or routes.
  2. I will ensure all fleet vehicles are maintained for safe for operation.
  3. I will ensure all fleet vehicles are insured.
  4. I will submit driver timesheets to Truckker on-time

Ratings and Reviews

  1. I will be honest and fair when providing ratings and reviews.
  2. I will provide ratings and reviews based on job experience and no emotional bias.
  3. I will not engage in personal attacks, unfair criticism, or other unprofessional behaviour.


  • I will not engage in fraud.

Spam and Outside Contacts or Advertising

  1. I will not use the Platform to spam or advertise services outside of the Terms of Service.
  2. I will not use the Platform to obtain names and/or databases to solicit potential clients, companies, drivers, or for any other purpose outside of the Platform.

Non circumvention

  • I will not use the system to obtain names and information and contact those Users directly and privately outside of the Platform.

Last Updated: July 15th, 2020