5 Traits Carriers Are Looking for When Hiring Truck Drivers

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Carriers expect truck drivers to have the right licences, a good driving record, and a clean background. But what many people and websites don’t say is what kind of people should be entering the trucking industry. You could have the best education and driving record, but still not be hired. What is the secret?

Whether you’re just starting out or have a number of years of experience on the road, Truckker will provide you with some insight into what traits carriers want their employees to have.

How to Get Hired as a Truck Driver

Education and credentials can get you only so far in the interview. Most carriers are interested in the people behind the resumé. There are some traits that inspire confidence in carriers when they hire truck drivers. 

Do you have:

#1: Self-Control

Carriers want to know that their truck drivers can keep their cool when it comes to stressful situations. You may be driving for a good deal of the time, but that’s not to say that truck driving is a stress-free job. 

Parking large trucks between two vehicles without damaging anything can be stressful. Being stuck in traffic can raise people’s blood pressure. And trying to find your destination can also create stress and anxiety. Moreover, truck driver jobs can include long-distance driving, which means days, weeks, or months away from loved ones. 

If you have self-control when situations get heated, you’re on your way to landing the job.

#2: Clear Communication

Truck drivers for hire are not completely alone when they’re on the road. They interact with various individuals and therefore, need to effectively communicate if they want to manage their time wisely. Some people with whom truck drivers must communicate include: 

  • The Dispatcher: You need to understand their needs to successfully deliver the goods you’re transporting while providing feedback of your situation
  • The Client: Not all customers are kind, so you need to manage your relationship with them to ensure that they understand that you can’t wait around to deliver the goods.
  • The Shipper or Receiver: If you’re delivering goods to a dock, you must also clarify that you’re on a deadline and ensure that they don’t leave you waiting. 
  • Repair Shop Workers: Bringing your vehicle in for repairs is usually unpaid time, which means you need to communicate effectively to reduce your time spent waiting for repairs.

Time is money in the trucking business. Knowing the best ways to communicate and manage people will save you time.

#3: Flexibility

Being flexible means that you’re willing to compromise, but some truck drivers think that means agreeing to conditions that you’re not comfortable with or taking lower wages. It will depend on your situation.

If you’re looking for your first job behind the wheel, carrieres are taking a chance on you since you have limited experience. In this case, you may need to be more flexible than most in order to get your career going, such as working overnight when you don’t want to. But one day, it will be your turn to watch the new person deal with the inconvenient hours or doing odd jobs around the warehouse. 

Flexibility allows carriers to know that you will be easy to work with because too many problems wastes time and money.

#4: Realistic Ideals

If your feet aren’t planted on the ground, it could end up hurting the carrier or yourself. Overestimating your capabilities and time could lead to the carrier losing money. And don’t forget, while many trucking jobs offer good salaries, it’s hardly a king’s ransom. If you’re starting your career, expect to work hard for a relatively modest pay-out. The industry favours experienced workers, so you may need to take jobs you don’t like at first.

#5: Stamina

Depending on your job, there will be long stretches of time where you’re on the road with no one to talk to or have never-ending deliveries to make. Boredom can start to seep in and cause you to become distracted or slow. Even with the help of music and podcasts, you must have the stamina to work long hours.

Find Your Next Job with Truckker

With the five traits above, education, and the proper credentials, landing a job is in the bag! Want to improve your chances even more? Create a profile on Truckker within minutes and find jobs across Canada. Truckker is a truck driver agency that uses advanced job-matching software to quickly and easily match drivers with the right carrier.

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