Cost of Hiring and Onboarding Staff on Your Own

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Finding drivers in todays market can be a costly and time-consuming process for your business. Let the expert recruiters at Truckker handle the heavy lifting for you…not only will we save you time, but we will also save you money. Using an experienced and reputable agency like Truckker will streamline the hiring process and our pre-screening methods will ensure you are getting a qualified driver.

Here are the ways your company will benefit by partnering with Truckker:

Technology: At Truckker, we have our own app that allows us to proactively recruit and screen drivers giving us a massive database of candidates that are ready to work. Drivers can easily upload all their documents into their profile and they can apply to postings right from the palm of their hand. Once your job is posted in our system, our “Smart Matches” feature in the app instantly starts matching candidates to the role and allowing them to apply directly online. Our app gives us the ability to start presenting candidates to you right away, which means your job opening will be filled in no time.
Screening time: Combing through hundreds of applicants and their resumes can be very time consuming and overwhelming. At Truckker, we have over 25,000+ qualified drivers in our database that are pre-screened and ready to get in the driver’s seat. Background checks can be tedious to fill out and they require a lot of documentation and information that needs to be gathered from the driver. Our team can collect this information quickly and cover the cost of the check.
White Glove approach: We go deep into the screening process and do not just rely on resumes when filling driver roles. We check references, make sure the applicant has a clean driving record by pulling abstracts and CVOR’s. By taking these extra steps, we take all the guess work out of hiring a driver.
Turnaround time: We have a team of recruiters that are actively hiring for your job needs. Our app combined with our team of experts, ensures that we will be sending you qualified candidates in a short period of time. Meaning your drivers seats will not be empty for long!
38 Years of Experience in Driver Recruitment: Our team of dedicated recruiters work24/7 to find you the best driver for your needs. Since our sole focus is driver recruitment, so we know how to get the job done, quickly and effectively. We offer market insight and intellect to our clients because we only fill driver roles, we have knowledge on pay scales and driver rates. We can help you make informed decisions for your business.
Reduced Costs: Advertising is expensive and running ads on multiple job board sites can be costly and takes a lot of time. In addition to our own personal database, Truckker has access to multiple websites and can easily run resume searches to screen candidates. At Truckker our app allows us to proactively recruit, which means we have thousands of pre-screened candidates in our system, allowing us to be prepared when our clients need us the most.
Driver Retention: Our permanent placement comes with a replacement search guarantee. In the odd case that a driver does not work out, we can easily swap them out and send you a replacement right away if you are using our “temp to perm” model. In the event that a driver does not work out or moves on, we have you covered, with no additional cost to your organization.
Scalability: Have you suddenly found your company in the position that you need new hires to help support rapid growth? Look no further than the experts at Truckker to quickly source you the drivers you need from our massive database of candidates.

At the end of the day working with us will save you money, time, and stress. Allow our experienced recruiters at Truckker simplify the hiring process for you.  Contact us today to get your hiring needs fulfilled.

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