How Agencies Can Complement Your Recruitment Process

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Hiring has always been a time-consuming process. The ultimate goal of any company is to reduce turnover and training by hiring employees who are likely to stay for a significant period, which means careful screening, interviews, and extensive reference checks. In commercial trucking, this also means finding certified employees who can pass license and safety requirements.

The current trucker shortage has made it even harder for trucking companies to access qualified employees they can count on. Every employer across the nation is struggling with hiring employees who will even show up on the first day, let alone stay for a lengthy period. More than one hiring manager has been faced with making decisions that start to negate qualifications just to get bodies in the workplace.

Unfortunately, skipping certifications or qualifications in the trucking industry is not an option, which can place transportation companies in a bind. This is where staffing agencies or temporary staffing firms can be a great asset to a business. Driving staffing services help companies find experienced drivers to meet their current needs, for both short and long-term positions.

What Is a Driver Staffing Service?

A driver staffing service works with companies within the transportation industry, and potential employees qualified to drive fleet vehicles. The main objective of a staffing agency is to provide employees on-demand to employers. Most driver staffing services will have a portfolio of available on-demand workers to fill vacancies or potentially be hired full-time into a company upon request.

Driving staffing services benefit employees and companies as they allow companies to scale their workforce when necessary to meet demand and help trained employees find an income source. However, there are many more benefits to working with driving staffing agencies past employment and recruitment services.

Benefits of Choosing to Work with a Driving Staffing Firm

Payroll - One of the best benefits of working with a driver staffing service is that companies don't have to worry about payroll services for all temporary workers. The driver staffing service handles payroll and workers' compensation for all employees. The company does not have to worry about payroll or benefits unless they decide to hire an employer permanently at their company.

Skip the Interview Process - The recruitment process can be long and tedious within the transportation industry, but driver staffing firms allow you to skip this process and get drivers into your workplace immediately. The staffing agency handles the interview and training process allowing a company to schedule more drivers on a day-by-day basis if necessary instead of taking months to find new employees to meet demand.

Free Up Time for Other Endeavors - Most business owners prefer to spend time focused on scaling their business, acquiring new customers, and expanding their business vision. They don't have hours or weeks to waste chasing down new employees. With the aid of a valuable business partner like a driver staffing firm, they don't have to.

Qualified Employees - The driving industry is not like other industries. Applicants must be able to pass safety checks, background checks and hold proper driving certifications. This makes finding qualified applicants even more challenging, but agencies like Truckker do the work for companies so they can reap the benefits.

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