How to Avoid Being in a Trucks Blind Spot

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When sharing the road with trucks, it is essential to understand where their blind sports are to stay safe. Trucks have significant blind sports around them, known as “No Zones”.

These areas are where the truck drivers’ vision is limited:

1.     Front Right Blind Spot: Right in front of the truck’s grille, where the driver has difficulty seeing smaller vehicles that are too close.
2.     Rear Blind Spot – Directly Behind the Truck, where the drivers’ mirrors can’t reach.
3.     Right Side Blind Spot – Along the entire right side of the truck, from the side mirror to the rear of the trailer.
4.     Left-Side Blind Spot – Similar to the right side, but smaller. It’s important to avoid lingering here.

To stay safe around trucks and minimize the risk of accidents, follow these tips:

1.      Avoid lingering in trucks blind spots - If you can’t see the truck driver in their side mirror, they likely cannot see you.
2.      Pass trucks quickly - Signal your intentions, move into the passing lane and accelerate to get out of the blind spot.
3.      Give Extra Space when merging. Don’t cut in front of them too closely; they need more time to stop.
4.      Stay Patient. Remember that trucks take longer to accelerate, decelerate and change lanes. Give them the space they need.

By Respecting truck blind spots and practicing safe driving habits, we can all contribute to safer roads for everyone.