The Best Ways to Hire Truck Drivers

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As a truck driver agency with over 35 years in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries, we know how important it is to find qualified staff to keep your business running. But we also understand that not all companies want to work with an intermediary, even if signing up is free. 

Companies have their standards and traditions after all, and they want to know with absolute certainty that they recruited the best people. Luckily, signing up with Truckker provides the best of both worlds, marrying technology-backed solutions that make hiring truck drivers easy while also maintaining the highest hiring standards. 

For those organizations that need to hire truck drivers fairly regularly, read on to find out more about how Truckker can make a huge difference for you, while also saving your time and money!

Alternative Ways to Recruit Truck Drivers

Not everyone is ready to break out of their old habits and use Truckker to find truck drivers for hire. If that sounds like you, try these tips to find suitable personnel on your own. But be warned, you might find that your company needs to make a few changes to your hiring process in order for it to work smoothly.

Good Web Presence

Time is money, so companies want to find employees fast. That said, not every company can afford an HR department (or even a dedicated HR employee). They are forced to place job postings on multiple job boards, and spend valuable time vetting and recruiting drivers. Unfortunately, this method is not one of the best ways to recruit truck drivers because it’s not effective - especially when you need drivers on short notice.

What’s the problem? Capturing the attention of the right applicants, of course! 

With so much content on the web, that is a difficult feat. The solution is to build a good web presence, which takes time. But anything worth doing is worth doing right. You want to attract the right people to your job posting and have them stay as long as possible with your company. You can do that by: 

  • Answering Questions
  • Establishing Expertise
  • Showcasing the Company’s Culture and History 

If applicants better understand what you’re all about, they will apply and be more likely to stay. It’s better to have truck drivers apply because they like and understand your company rather than because they’re in need of any job. 

Remember that truck drivers may follow your online presence for years and wait for the right job posting to appear, or they may be new to your company and want to learn more. These days, applicants want to be sure that your company is right for them before applying. After all, in many respects hiring is a two-way street. 

Social Media

You may think social media is not necessarily useful for work purposes, but it has changed over the years. More and more companies and job-hunters are posting job ads with hashtags to increase their chances of driver recruitment and landing their next job, posting paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a variety of other channels. This takes a social media expert, and those are also expensive employees to hire. 

Social media is entertainment-focused, so the experts running those accounts have to make their posts attractive to draw attention. They have to tell stories to form relationships and make brand identities memorable. And posting pictures adds value because it’s “worth a thousand words.” The only problem? It’s very expensive, and there is no guarantee it will help you find the right people.

If you’re going to try to go it alone, one way to recruit truck drivers via social media would be to ask your current or former employees to post pictures or video clips they took while on the road, such as the scenery and benefits that come with the job. Showcase the excellent work/life balance your employees have. Use social media to show off the culture of your trucking company.

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or LinkedIn, you can’t deny that social media is a leading driver of sales. But it will take time, money and expertise. 

Job Perks

Effective driver recruitment and retention are dependent on more than a good online presence or your company’s reputation. Sure, your job posting could be what a handful of applicants want, but there needs to be a few incentives aside from a paycheck that convinces them to apply.

What do employees want? Here are a few examples:

  • They likely want to be seen and treated like a person, not a number or machine
  • They will likely want a good work/life balance, which includes flexible schedules and extra vacation
  • They may want an incentive program, which can vary by company

If you don’t already offer any of these options, ask your current staff about their preferences. Once you decide on the perks to offer, add them to the job postings. Happy drivers stay at a company, so make sure you keep them satisfied.

Skip the Trouble - Recruit Truck Drivers with Truckker

If the suggestions above seem a little daunting, then there is a solution. 

At Truckker, we keep the trucking industry moving with our job-matching software that connects the right drivers with the right company. Our recruiters pre-vet drivers to ensure they match the criteria of your truck driver jobs. We take all the organization off of your hands, whether you need a driver for a short-term gig, someone part-time, or more full-time workers to staff your growing business. 

From hiring to interviewing to reference checks, and even paying salaries, Truckker is one of the best ways to recruit the experienced and qualified staff you need to move merchandise and enjoy continued success.

Contact us today for more information! 

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