The Importance of Checking Hubcaps on a Truck

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Checking hubcaps on a truck before driving is an important aspect of both the pre and post trip inspection on your truck. Your trailer truck’s wheel hub unit is an important part of the vehicle. It helps the wheels turn freely, keeping the drive smooth and safe. Here are several reasons why it's crucial to inspect hubcaps before hitting the road:

Safety Concerns:

Loose or missing hubcaps can pose a safety risk, especially if they come off while driving. This can cause a serious accident, especially on the highway.

Wheel Protection:

Hubcaps serve as protective covers for the wheels. They help shield the wheel components from dirt, debris, and various weather conditions. Damaged or missing hubcaps can expose the wheels to potential harm.

Wheel Alignment Verification:

Hubcaps can be an indicator of proper wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels may cause uneven wear on tires and affect the handling of the vehicle. A missing or misaligned hubcap may suggest potential alignment issues.

Here is how to properly check your hubcaps:

• Look for loose, missing or broken fasteners on the hubcap, drive axle and wheel bolts.
• Check for leaking hubcaps.
• Look for dark or rusty stains coming from the wheel bolts & nuts that may be a sign of loose fasteners.
• Visually inspect the inside of the wheel and brake assembly for signs of leaking wheel seals.
• Check for cracked or broken wheels.
• Visually inspect the brake related components on the wheel-end.
• Check the oil level and condition on trailer hubs lubricated with oil. Clean the hubcap with a glove, rag or paper towel, or remove the fill plug to check oil level.


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