The Urgent Hire: Truckker's 24-Hour Turnaround in Driver Recruitment

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Our client, a major logistics firm located in south western Ontario, had a driver unexpectedly leave due to a family emergency and was returning back home for an uncertain amount of time.

Our client was in need of an AZ driver to start in less than 24 hours of reaching out to Truckker for assistance. We received the order on Wednesday at 10am and we needed to have a driver in the seat by Thursday at 6am.

Key Steps:

Targeted Recruiting:
The Truckker database immediately identified a pool of qualified candidates from our database, and our recruitment team was able to start contacting matches right away. Right away we had 75 matches in our system that qualified for the position based on location, years of experience, license type and truck preference.

The Truckker team was then able to start contacting the drivers and confirming the information on their resume and to see if they were able to start work the following day. From those 75 we were able to short list 5 drivers and then we asked them to send in updated driving abstracts and CVOR’s right away. Of those five drivers, we were able to get two complete files which we presented to our client by 3pm.

Within 5 hours of the request, we were able to present two files and confirm a driver to start the following day at 6AM. Our client was thrilled with our turn around time and that their deliveries were able to continue on schedule with no interruptions.

Ongoing support: The Truckker team always checks in with our clients about new placements to make sure that the drivers are working out. We also make sure that we are in contact with our drivers to make sure the assignment is going smoothly and to see if they have any issues. In this case, a temporary assignment turned into a permanent role, which was a great outcome for everyone involved.  

Conclusion: Truckker's smart matching app has proven to be a game-changer in the logistics recruitment industry, offering companies a reliable solution for quickly filling roles with qualified candidates. By harnessing the power of technology and leveraging our extensive database of pre-screened drivers, Truckker has successfully streamlined the recruitment process, ultimately driving efficiency and productivity for its clients.

“Truckker’s rapid response and efficiency were remarkable. They found us a qualified driver in record time, ensuring our deliveries remained on schedule. Their ability to quickly assess and present top candidates was a game-changer for us." -Operations Manager

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