3 Must-Haves for Every Truck Driver

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If you're looking for a career that offers adventure and opportunity, look no further than truck driver jobs. The open road is waiting for you! However, in order to be successful as a truck driver, there are certain things you must have beyond the necessary license qualifications. 

In this article, we will take a look at three truck driver essentials – a smartphone, safety gear and emergency equipment – and explain why these simple items are absolutely necessary for short and long-haul truckers alike.

Must-Have #1 - A Smartphone

When it comes to electronic devices, a good smartphone is a must-have, as it can do just about everything a laptop or tablet is used for but in a much more portable form. Through a smartphone, truckers can access GPS maps and other necessary information, stay in touch with their truck driver agency, keep track of paperwork and other important documents, not to mention communicating through phone calls, text message, emails and other forms of electronic communication. 

Remember to keep your phone charged! Portable chargers are an absolutely necessary accessory. 

Must-Have #2 - Safety Gear

The open road can be a dangerous place for truck drivers, especially at night or in bad weather. That's why it's so important for truck drivers to wear high-visibility jackets, which can help them stay safe and be seen by other drivers.

In addition to high-visibility jackets and GPS systems, truckers also need good gloves and safety boots. Offering protection from the elements, which is especially important during the cold winter months, gloves and safety boots also help keep truckers safe when loading or unloading their cargo. 

Must-Have #3 - Emergency Equipment

In addition to the items mentioned above, truck drivers should also travel with a first-aid kit and an emergency roadside kit. It’s important to have easy access to first aid equipment, such as gauze, bandages and an emergency blanket, to help keep everyone safe in the event of an accident. Also, should a mishap occur on the roads, the contents of a good roadside kit, such as flares and collapsible pylons, will help keep truckers and their rigs safe while they wait for assistance.


Truck drivers for hire are responsible for their own safety while on the road. With the help of a smartphone, safety gear and emergency equipment, they can help make sure that they are prepared for whatever the open road throws their way. In the event of an accident or mishap, these three must-have items will come in handy for any truck driver and help make sure that everyone (and everything) arrives at their destination safely!

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