A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Look for Truck Drivers

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Carriers need to make competitive offers if they want the best candidates to apply. There is a high demand for truck drivers, so you need to offer an attractive salary, more control over scheduling, safe working conditions, and insurance. 

Companies need to provide an organized and thorough job posting that’s easy for applicants to find through Google and other search engines. Once the application period has closed, carriers must devote weeks to reviewing applications, making screening calls, conducting interviews, and arranging for road tests. 

Finding a good truck driver can be a lot of work, so we’ve created this helpful step-by-step guide on how to look for truck drivers to help save you some of the hassle. If you want to find the fastest way through the hiring process, Truckker is a truck driver agency that uses automated smart-driver matching technology to instantly connect companies with the truck drivers they need.  

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Create a Good Job Posting

When trying to find truck drivers, the job description has to have all the information that would motivate good candidates to apply for your truck driver jobs:

  • Responsibilities: Knowing the requirements of the job helps potential applicants decide whether or not it's the right job for them. 
  • Qualifications: Listing licences, years of experience, and other qualifications also saves time and increases your chances of finding qualified drivers.
  • Benefits: Competitive benefits, such as insurance and vacation time, attract truck drivers, so including any benefits your company offers in the job description will help attract quality candidates. 

Some trucking companies will post a person of contact in case applicants have questions about the job. They can call or email to learn if it’s worth applying for them.

Once all of the information is organized in your job posting, it’s time to post.

Advertise on the Company Website and Job Posting Boards

The first place to post open positions is on your company’s website and on the company’s LinkedIn profile. Job applicants search individual companies and general job posting sites, so you will want to cover all of the bases. 

From here, you can post the job on other sites similar to LinkedIn, including Indeed, and Zip recruiter. You will especially want to post on truck driver-specific job boards. 

Many job boards are free to use, but if you want optimized results, signing up for a paid version can offer help in making your job posting and reaching qualified truck drivers. However, you’re still stuck doing the legwork for the hiring process, from the initial screenings to interviews, follow ups and more. 

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Screen Applicants

Carriers will never know how many candidates will apply to one job ad. On the off chance that dozens and dozens of applicants submit their candidacy, one or more of your employees will need to sift through them by reviewing their application and resume, and following up with a call or email to initiate the next steps. 

Screen calls are generally short and include strict questions and criteria to find candidates that fully meet the job and company’s standards. 

The screening process can take weeks or even months, depending on the number of applicants. With Truckker, this lengthy process practically disappears, as every driver on the platform must present a valid driver’s license, a valid driver’s documents, and a confirmed work, as well as pass a screening interview history in order to be considered. 

Interview Good Candidates

Some companies will do both a phone and in-person/virtual interview. A phone interview can narrow down the candidates further by asking them questions that would expose red flags. For example, if they left their previous job for a reason that could affect their work with your company. Another red flag is if their salary expectations are too high in comparison to what you’re willing to offer.

At an in-person/virtual interview, you can ask the candidate to clarify their previous answers and see how they act. Do they dress appropriately and have a professional manner? Did they arrive or log in on time? How they act in the interview gives an impression of how they will work in the future. 

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Schedule a Road Test

Having strong candidates do a road test will provide you with more information on their suitability. It gives a good idea about the truck driver’s skills while allowing the candidate to see if they still want the job. The test should be structured around a realistic workday. 

What is the Best Way to Recruit Truck Drivers?

Through over 35 years of experience in the trucking industry, Truckker has built up a vast network of experienced drivers and offers an efficient marketplace that provides carriers with on-demand access to a database of pre-vetted professional truck drivers. Because their safety records, qualifications and availability have already been confirmed, they’re ready to hit the road the moment you need them. 

Partner with Truckker to find truck drivers for hire!

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