Where Do Truck Drivers Look for Jobs?

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Trucking companies and owner-operators are constantly looking for personnel to fill their needs related to transportation, logistics and supply chains. And there are many types of truck driver job titles in the industry, including long-haul truck driver, delivery driver, professional Class 1 driver, flatbed driver, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, trucking companies often invest too much time in the hiring process. The same can be said for truck drivers. 

Whether you’re just starting your career or working in a temporary position, job boards are still an option, but they’re slow and often don’t work well. It’s too bad, but generic job sites like Indeed and Monster are not the best way to find a job in the trucking industry. 

Fear not - there is a solution! Truckker provides a free and optimized way to staff your team and find truck driver jobs if you're looking for work.

Commonly Used Job Boards

The trucking industry has many job sites that cater solely to their industry, but companies and owner-operators also use the more popular (but more generic) sites to widen their net. Here are a few examples businesses can explore when they need truck drivers for hire.

Canada’s Job Bank

The Canadian government’s website helps various groups of people who may face barriers to find a job, including temporary foreign workers and people with disabilities. The website provides employers with how to improve their job listings and offers tools and resources truck drivers can use during their job search. The government also provides job market updates.


Indeed.ca is one of the most popular websites across the country and the world. Its job posting filter is simple to use because it looks at many factors, including location, job type, experience level, and company names. It takes a minimum of five minutes for employers to post a free trucking job. However, Indeed recommends paying to increase job posting visibility. Employers can also create a free Company page for potential applicants to get to know the business.


Monster.ca is similar to Indeed because it hosts all kinds of jobs, including local and long-haul truck driving contracts. Additionally, you can narrow your job search according to location, experience and many other filters. Truck driving job-hunters can use Monster’s various tools, from the salary negotiation workshops to the resume help. Employers see the character behind each resume because Monster allows job-hunters to post soft skills and personal interests. 

A Better Way: Get Matched with the Perfect Truck Driver Job 

If you’re a driver looking for work, using the Job boards mentioned above isn’t the best ways to hire truck drivers. If you switch to Truckker, Canada’s number-one truck driver agency, you won’t need to use job boards anymore, and you can work with a team that’s dedicated to the trucking industry.

Signing up with Truckker means less time wasted on job-hunting, less time wasted on interviewing applicants, and more time driving and building up your business. Truckker puts the right truck drivers in contact with the right companies to improve driver retention and satisfaction. 

This is especially valuable for drivers. For example, they say it’s always better to look for a job while you still have one, but this is difficult for truck drivers because they are mostly on the road and must concentrate on driving. Long-haul truck drivers, for instance, have few opportunities to scroll through job boards. With Truckker, once you’ve completed your profile, you can leave the rest to us!

Our recruiters review each truck driving job and vet each truck driver to ensure their qualifications meet the job requirements. For over 35 years, we’ve been keeping the trucking industry moving while helping truck drivers and owner-operators build lasting relationships.

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