Why Shunt Drivers are Important

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Shunt drivers play a critical role in moving trailers and containers within a facility or yard. Shunt truck drivers are specially trained and are skilled in maneuvering these vehicles safely and efficiently in high traffic areas. The main duty of a truck shunter is to move trucks and trailers within a confined area using special vehicles called shunt trucks or yard trucks.

Trailer Shuffling: Shunt drivers move or ‘shunt’ trailers and shipping containers from loading docks to storage areas or from one location to another within a facility.

Dock Operations: Shunters play an important role in the loading and unloading operations of a distribution center. They are able to properly position trailers at loading docks to help efficiently transfer goods between the trailer and the warehouse.

Experts in Efficiency: Shunt operators work in the same yard over and over again so they are very familiar with the environment and can move quickly. They are also very good at maneuvering trailers into tight spaces

Yard Organization: Shunters play a key role in keeping order and organization within the yard or terminal area. They are responsible for making sure proper spacing is left for trailers and that the layout of the space is easy to access the trailers that need to be moved.

Communication: Shunters often communicate with truck drivers, warehouse personnel, and logistics coordinators to coordinate the movement of trucks and trailers. They are often able to provide information about available spaces where trailers can be parked and empty loading docks.

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